Idle Worship: the latest kid in the block of Social Games on Facebook Idle games can be regarded as a strong competitor to Zynga. This company has launched a few of such social games which have caught imagination of many Facebook users. Idle games focuses on producing quality games keeping in mind the requirement and demands of the users. This new game from the Idle Company, named Idle Worship is an interesting game where players compete to show devotion for […]

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Google+ or Facebook Games: Where are the gamers going to? Facebook is undoubtedly the top dog when it comes to networking sites today, with over 70 million users accessing it each and every day. But Google+, the new social website from Google, which is already providing Facebook with a stiff competition, is planning to change all that. It has many features that are attracting users towards it and within a week of its release on July more than 25 million […]

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Over a seventy million users makes Facebook, with its unique range of cool applications, features and most of all-games, the top social networking site in the market. And when it comes to Facebook games, “Mafia Wars” is the undisputed champion there. What makes this game unique is that it not only entertains a player but also strengthens his skills to socialize and think out of the box. The game in itself is quite and easy to understand in the beginning […]

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Farmville, with over 35 million (35,751,468) players today, is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become such a big craze of late. Frankly, it has turned into an addiction here in India! Created by Zynga, the game is look-alike of its predecessors like Farm Town, and Harvest Moon but has its own nuances and features that make it so popular among its players. It has been made using the Adobe Flash technology and is available on Facebook worldwide […]

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