Do online gambling sites have a future in India!! Gambling is one of the oldest addictions that human beings bear. It is seen prevalent even in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. However this addiction is perhaps a blot in the human nature. Gambling generates huge amount of money yet it produces number of cases where a person loses his everything. Gambling is illegal in numerous countries including in India to some extent. Paper lottery is a much more popular choice than […]

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Texas Hold’em Poker on your iPhone The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the major revolutionary additions to the arsenal of smart phones and communication devices in the last decade. With the Apple product drawing a huge fan following who have dedicatedly followed as well as contributed to the development of the product, it is no wonder that within a very short time a large range of applications, or ‘apps’ have been developed for the convenience of the users. These apps […]

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Facebook, the most popular social networking site today has got a host of games to entertain its users. All these games are easy to play and most importantly, they come free! Also, these games are very basic in the sense that they don’t have any back story attached and therefore its pure unadulterated game play that matters here. And these games also help spend your leisure time while making new friends And among all the popular games that are on […]

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