Rangy Lil’s Wild West Adventures-The Most Popular Online Game  Rangy Lil is one of the most popular games nowadays to be played on the internet over computers and androids is the Rangy Lil game, and it is officially known as Rangy Lil’s Wild West Adventure. This small but sweet game incorporates some of the basic elements required to make any game a hit, good game play, exciting and twisted storyline and a gullible and sweet protagonist who is on her […]

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IndiaTimes, a new player in Indian Gaming In the last decade IndiaTimes have been one of the head honchos when it comes to media and getting hold of the public attention. So, it is no wonder that they have also dabbled in the gaming business as it is a booming one indeed and more so in India. Basically what happened is that opportunities came along the way for IndiaTimes to cash and rightfully so, they did make the most use […]

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Angry Anna: a game of protest Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption might be easily rated as the biggest ever anti –government campaign in free India.  Thousands of people supported a single man, just reflecting upon the support that Anna got behind the voice that he raised against corruption in a country that has been suffering one jolt after the other for all the wrong reasons. Wikileaks rated numerous accounts of high profile politicians of India in the Swiss bank. Apart […]

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India’s Hottest iPhone Games Once get yourself equipped and happy with an iPhone with the best applications, it should include the best games too. It really doesn’t matter who plays which game but it’s still cool when you would also play what’s hot, what uplifts the spirits of people who plays them and how challenging they are. We get to narrow down our search of the most popular iPhone games as to checking which one’s hit off in India. India […]

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