Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10 Apart from updating status, sharing photos and videos, sharing likes and chatting with friends; gaming on facebook has become a favorite pastime for many. This fact is backed by the millions of users who spend hours on playing games on facebook. Many gaming companies like Zynga, Playdom, PopCap Games, Wooga etc. have invested a lot of money and explored this new space and have got excellent returns almost immediately. No one thought that […]

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How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville The Facebook games have caught the eye of everyone. The social gaming concept is not new. It has been quite a while since these games have hooked the youth to the Facebook.  Farmville is one of such games that have gained huge popularity. It is a social game that involves a lot many people every day. In Farmville the target of every gamer is to build the beehive and get the […]

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Top 3 games from Zynga, dominating social networks Gaming on social networking sites has seen an exponential rise in the last couple of years, especially on Facebook. The member base of social networking sites are always increasing and so are the games and other applications. One gaming company that stands out from the rest is Zynga. Their products have been loved in large numbers and the record breaking number of people playing their games is a testimony to that fact. […]

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A guide to flash games for Facebook Flash has changed the way we surf on the Internet. It has become one of the most important aspects for any website. If we go visit a website, we will very likely find an introduction in flash or advertisements or some cool videos or just some things that works on flash. It has become successful due to its flexibility, ease of use and low demand on resources. Where is flash on facebook? You […]

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Farmville, with over 35 million (35,751,468) players today, is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become such a big craze of late. Frankly, it has turned into an addiction here in India! Created by Zynga, the game is look-alike of its predecessors like Farm Town, and Harvest Moon but has its own nuances and features that make it so popular among its players. It has been made using the Adobe Flash technology and is available on Facebook worldwide […]

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Facebook, the most popular social networking site today has got a host of games to entertain its users. All these games are easy to play and most importantly, they come free! Also, these games are very basic in the sense that they don’t have any back story attached and therefore its pure unadulterated game play that matters here. And these games also help spend your leisure time while making new friends And among all the popular games that are on […]

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