Idle Worship: the latest kid in the block of Social Games on Facebook Idle games can be regarded as a strong competitor to Zynga. This company has launched a few of such social games which have caught imagination of many Facebook users. Idle games focuses on producing quality games keeping in mind the requirement and demands of the users. This new game from the Idle Company, named Idle Worship is an interesting game where players compete to show devotion for […]

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How will the gaming companies be affected by the New Facebook? In this twenty-first century, who have does not know about facebook?   With the advent of technology, computers have become an object of daily and essential use. Without it life, life seems to come to a stop for many. Be it Wikipedia, Google or any other site, it does a lot in informing people about what is happening  in the outside world. Facebook  is a social networking site which connects […]

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