Understanding the hype around the new Facebook game – Don FB Game   Bored of playing typical Facebook Flash games like Crazy Cabbie, Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars? Want to try something new? Want to play all the Grand Theft Auto and Mafia style games where you go on committing crimes in the city and raise your wanted level in Facebook? Where police chases you all the way down and in the end; you raise your gun, reply with attitude […]

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Beta Testing Games – Get paid for playing games Beta version of a product is the pre-released version of the official product having most of the product’s features. Basically it is the test version of the product to be released in the market before the commercial product is released to get the feedback from the users about its performance and suggestions for betterment. This prototype of the product is what decides the product’s success rate by enhancing the product features […]

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The Don game is here for all beta testers! Don was a big success when it first hit the theatre in the 70’s. It starred Amitabh Bachchan, the living legend who gave a stupendous performance to chart the film among tops. Its unique dialogues became so popular that Farhan Akhtar was tempted to remake another version in this century. It was not that big a success; of course it was a very tough job to create a record with an […]

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Don 2 offers gaming options, all set to rock you! Don 2 is a sequel of the movie Don, which was a remake of the 70’s movie by the same name. The original version starred the legend Amitabh bachchan and the remake starred the ‘king of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan. In Don 2, the movie reaches to new heights in terms of story line and special effects under the direction of the multi-talented Farhan Akhtar. The star cast consists of […]

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Once or twice in a decade are some films made which are etched into the minds of the audience and such is its emotional value, it keeps the same audiences hooked year in and year out. Yes, we are talking about one such film called “Don” and even today what an iconic position it holds in every film goer’s mind. Moreover, the film was remade with modern day super stars dazzling the screen as well. And because of its good […]

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