Rangy Lil’s Wild West Adventures-The Most Popular Online Game  Rangy Lil is one of the most popular games nowadays to be played on the internet over computers and androids is the Rangy Lil game, and it is officially known as Rangy Lil’s Wild West Adventure. This small but sweet game incorporates some of the basic elements required to make any game a hit, good game play, exciting and twisted storyline and a gullible and sweet protagonist who is on her […]

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Route 66 a treat to your eyes If you are an ardent observer of Indian gaming industry, you would surely notice the shifting trends. The gadgets do rule the world of virtual gaming. With the advent of new technologies the market is ever expanding. The new experience that the consumers are having is way ahead than somebody might have predicted a few years back. This is all due to the new technologies that are coming into the market from the […]

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