Texas Hold’em Poker on your iPhone

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the major revolutionary additions to the arsenal of smart phones and communication devices in the last decade. With the Apple product drawing a huge fan following who have dedicatedly followed as well as contributed to the development of the product, it is no wonder that within a very short time a large range of applications, or ‘apps’ have been developed for the convenience of the users. These apps are designed specifically to run on the iPhone and iPad platforms; there is a large spectrum of apps to choose from, with games and music players to almost anything and everything that one can think of.

Texas Hold’em has been one of the most popular and widely played forms of poker. And with the inception of online gaming, it has held its place as one of the favorites among the poker addicts. Virtual poker eliminates the necessity of getting yourself to an actual poker table and investing in chips for the game; now you can enjoy the full extent of poker just sitting at your table right on your smart phone or your PC. Traditionally, poker games were restricted to playing against automated computer players; however, with online poker, you could pit yourself against hundreds of poker enthusiasts from all over the world.

With the new Texas Hold’em apps on iPhone, you can now set up your own poker tables on your iPhone and get on with the game that you like the best. The iPhone app store has a number of Texas Hold’em apps to choose from. One of the first contributors to this category was Apple itself; the Apple designed Texas Hold’em which was priced at $4.99 set the standard for the subsequent iPhone poker apps. Texas Hold’em offers the users with two different viewing options while playing the game- the horizontal landscape view and the portrait view. Basically, the landscape view is activated when the user turns the iPhone vertically on its side. It provides an overhead view of the table.

The portrait view provides a vertical viewpoint where each player is represented by an animation. This particular app has the option of playing against automated computer players, or with other iPhone users over a WiFi network. Texas Hold’em allows 9 slots for WiFi connections through which other players can join the game and play against each other. Various user commands are defined which trigger various gestures among the animated characters representing the players in the game. There are options for tracking the statistics of the game and the different players in the app.

Apart from this, there are other apps which can help you keep a track of your games as well as your win/loss statistics. Obviously, beginners are advised to concentrate only on a single table at a time before starting multi-tabling. However, more experienced players can start multi-tabling even while playing on their iPhone. For this, they need some sort of tacking apps which can manage their statistics as well as keep a record of their dealings and stakes throughout the day. Even the most experienced of players can comit some mistakes while managing multiple tables in Texas Hold’em, so it is better to have a managing app that can help you in your games. Once you have played a few hands, the app has the info readily available for you, including your playing tendencies and other relevant information that can help you review your playing style and plug your weak spots in later games.

In a nutshell, Texas Hold’em poker apps are a real must-have for any poker enthusiast with an iPhone. With these apps’ easy interface and addictive nature, they are sure to get you hooked for hours!

Saswati On July - 31 - 2011

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