Farmville, with over 35 million (35,751,468) players today, is one of the main reasons why Facebook has become such a big craze of late. Frankly, it has turned into an addiction here in India! Created by Zynga, the game is look-alike of its predecessors like Farm Town, and Harvest Moon but has its own nuances and features that make it so popular among its players. It has been made using the Adobe Flash technology and is available on Facebook worldwide and even as an app on iPhone and iPad free for all but has some additional premium content attached to it as well. So what is it about Farmville that makes it so unique and popular among its players? has prepared a host of reasons for you to find out and here they are:-


Farmville-an addiction among Indian Facebookers


Game play

The main role of the player is to develop his own firm which his customized on-screen avatar owns on signing up for the game and he needs to raise it for earning money which are “farm coins”. Also performing certain tasks like ploughing land and buying stuff can increase the XP points of a player which in turn helps to upgrade the level of the player. Higher levels mean more availability of crops and tools and lands for the user to buy and also this means better earning for the player.



Players usually cultivate crops by ploughing lands of their neighbours and thus earning more points and farm cash. Crops like tomatoes are grown by the players which take a certain amount of time to grow and harvest, only after which they are available. Now they also wither away after 2.5 times the time they take to harvest, that means the user has to do something with the crops within that time or they will simply lose it. However, options such as “unwither” is available which can be bought to prevent the crops from withering even after the time period elapses. The more the XP of the player the more number of crops he has access to.


Cattle and Plantations

Like crops, the player can buy livestock and plants as well for harvesting in his farm. Livestock such as chickens and cows can be bought with farm cash and the advantage they have is that they don’t wither and are available for harvest for a prolonged period. Plants such as cherry trees are also available for the user to buy and harvest. Both cattle and plantation once bought get ready for harvesting after a specific amount of time and don’t die at all!

Farmville-an addiction among Indian Facebookers


Designs and decorations

Many decorations and designs can be bought by virtue of farm cash and XP Points by the player for his farm. Usual decorations include buildings and topiaries, fences, nutcrackers etc and many new ones are released for special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day etc. Even Zynga, releases a new decoration every 24 hours for a week for the theme “Seven Days of summer”! These decorations can also be gifted to friends.


Making new friends

Farmville can be used to socialize effectively by its players in the form of setting up new farms to co-ops, which are joint farming ventures etc. Neighbours, who are friends through Facebook, can be visited by the players and actions and works can be exchanged between them as well. Also, players can send gift to their neighbours in the form of buildings, supplies, mystery gifts etc. These are constantly updated by Zynga and therefore new set of gifts are always available for players.


Although the game is pretty simple in nature, certain features it possess makes “Farmville” such a hit among its fans so much so that it has turned into an addiction among Facebookers here in India.


Saswati On July - 26 - 2011

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