DON: The Social Mobsters Game

In India, big events are always covered by media in a glamorous and extravagant way. Mostly, star-studded movies, important sports and entertainment events are covered by all forms of media – newspapers, TV channels, Internet news channels. The aim is simple – to broadcast the event to a large number of people, and to create a huge fan-following.

With the latest movie ‘Don 2’ starring the Bollywood Badhshah ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ hitting the Box office within a week, the Don does not want to leave any space of publicity behind. In order to gather a large army of fans and gamers, a game has been developed which has been named as the ‘Don FB Game – The Social Mobster’. Inspired form the Mafia movie series of ‘Don’, statistics show that the game is a recent hit in Facebook. A large number of users and gamers have recently shown increasing interest in the action game. Many people are ardent fans of this particular actor; and would be pretty excited to play the game. You can be either a mobster or be a part of the elite police force to eliminate the evil forces. Spanning over a large number of cities and involving many missions to be finished, the game will be a candid treat to those who are ardent gamers. With a wide range of weapons – assault, sub machine guns, shotguns, pistols and snipers – gamers will spend quality time shooting around in splendid locations. The game will incorporate long hours of gameplay and a long list of features.

'DON: The Social Mobsters Game'

Shah Rukh Khan held a press conference on 17th of December to promote this game. The crew selected the location precisely, the packed Oberoi Mall in Malad, Mumbai. Crowd was at its highest level, just suitable for maximum publicity. The location is very posh, and people generally visit this popular mall for shopping. Saturday was a great time for all the Shah Rukh Khan fans, as they got an unexpected surprise. The entire cast and crew of ‘Don 2’ was present there including Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. Official launch of the game started just after that. The game expected to release for all cross platforms. iOS, Android, Symbian phones are also getting a treat of this awesome game. Perhaps the ‘Don’ thinks that the movie will gain extra popularity due to this game. Many people would be very happy to see their favorite actor in a new avatar. The animated form of Shah Rukh Khan will surely be a blast.

Media had a gracious presence to publicize the whole event. Reportedly, the entire crew spent their quality time ‘gaming’. Large displays were set up, so that the public could see their superstars playing the game. This obviously moved and encouraged those to play the same game at home in Facebook. The game will earn huge popularity through the popular social networking site – Facebook.

Shah Rukh Khan reportedly gained this idea of developing this game for gaining popularity for his upcoming movie ‘Don 2’ from his previous movie – ‘Ra One’. The movie featured a story based on a video game, and it was a super hit. So naturally it came into the ‘Don’s’ mind – why not a game for ‘Don 2’?

'DON: The Social Mobsters Game'

The game is really awesome. Developers have really worked hard in making this game a success. They held many competitions and have selected successful gamers to meet the Don himself. All these factors combined have made the game a commercial success.

Everyone should really try out the game at –

Saswati C On December - 21 - 2011

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