The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

A way with numbers and how to really organize it to finally clinch the win – that’s the game of Sudoku. There are plenty of games online that you could hit off to enjoy and prove yourself smart but it’s just so cool when you’ve finally swept off with more and more levels of this game. For people with high IQ and the enthusiasm to get into the ordering strategy, this could be what you’re looking for with all its versions that you can try on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. There are several Sudoku Versions to choose from for your Pocket PC. Take a glimpse of this list and rock on!

Sudoku Lite – nlTwice   The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

There are several Sudoku games available for Windows Mobile which you might have tried, but this game gives you the chance to get into a new level of experience with easy, normal, hard or very hard options to choose from. This isn’t a complicated version of Sudoku and for sure you’ll get the hang of it in just a couple of minutes.

Dr. Sudoku The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

To some, the game of Sudoku is a bore but with this version, you will get to unveil the fun and excitement out of the infinite number of puzzles it offers. It has its Rookie Level, Pupil, Graduate and Professor. So even if you are a beginner or a pro, you would surely want to try the game out of curiosity and just find yourself liking it. It is never boring especially because it is on your Windows Mobile.

Sudoku Forte Easter Edition 1.0

The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

Easter comes only once a year but what makes this Easter-themed game appealing is the fact that Sudoku is one of the highest rated games for Windows Mobile and it has incorporated this version of Easter eggs which makes it different from the usual. For those scared of numbers, you may just want to try this one out. With its unique features, you may just go through each level easily without even guessing. Get through with Very Easy to Expert Levels and enjoy the fun!

Sudoku Twist The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

Get into a game of Sudoku with a twist. Each Sudoku game has its own special features where one may find the heart to enjoy and not get bored. This version allows you to play with both the Classic Sudoku and this Sudoku Twist. It has nine (9) boxes shaded boxes containing number for you to carefully solve. Good luck!

Sudoku Cubed – 3D Sudoku The Best Sudoku for Your Windows Mobile

Well, this particular Sudoku game might completely take you off! The game of Sudoku gets a new life altogether with the 3D version. If there is already a twist on the previous Sudoku Game posted here, there would be more fun here since you have to keep yourself busy in completing the 3 Sudoku games on that cube. Make your way through the levels from being a Beginner to getting hold of being the Sudoku 3D Master.

Games like this may seem just a waste of time for others but for Sudoku fanatics, it is one way to sharpen their minds and endear them to think deep. Strategies and that high I.Q gets you through your way up in every level. The game of Sudoku limits you not since it has plenty of versions to choose from. There could be a version that fits just right for you or perhaps a version that could pose that much of a challenge. But with Microsoft Windows providing updates every now and then, your favorite Sudoko would be set up in non time. So there is nothing much to worry about aside from the fact that you’d have to think how to surpass and reach the top.

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