Understanding the hype around the new Facebook game – Don FB Game


Bored of playing typical Facebook Flash games like Crazy Cabbie, Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars? Want to try something new? Want to play all the Grand Theft Auto and Mafia style games where you go on committing crimes in the city and raise your wanted level in Facebook? Where police chases you all the way down and in the end; you raise your gun, reply with attitude – “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi…..namumkin hai!!”

Then you swirl your gun 360° and kill your entire army of enemies single handedly like those typical Hollywood and Bollywood movies? Well introducing such a rare species of game in Facebook; is the Don FB Game, inspired from the mafia movie series of Don – Shah Rukh Khan Starrer.

Most of the people like active shooting game categories like First Person / Third Person Shooters. Typical examples include Counter-Strike, Max-Payne, Project IGI and many more. When combined with a nice storyline; these games become a blast.  Keeping all these in mind, the developers of Don FB Game have incorporated full phased missions with various characters thus putting up an interesting storyline. Game modes include bomb diffuse and planting – which many people enjoy in video games.

This category is generally aimed for those who are generally addicted to gaming consoles or are PC addicts. The game stars the animated form of the Bollywood superhero or Badshah – Shah Rukh Khan; the reason for its popularity.

Many people are ardent fans of this particular actor; and would be pretty excited to play the game. You can be either a mobster or be a part of the elite police force to eliminate the evil forces. Spanning over a large number of cities and involving many missions to be finished, the game will be a candid treat to those who are ardent gamers. With a wide range of weapons – assault, sub machine guns, shotguns, pistols and snipers – gamers will spend quality time shooting around in splendid locations. The game will incorporate long hours of gameplay and a long list of features.

Inspired from the Don movie released in 2006, and the upcoming sequel – Don 2 set to be released in the 23rd of December, 2011, the game developers have taken quite care to give gamers the exact feel and look of Shah Rukh Khan in the game. The game main poster shows it all.  Animation and moves have been incorporated as accurately as possible. Game developers are putting their best in the game to provide a vivid experience to the hardcore gamers.

Recently, a movie named ‘Ra-One’ was released starring Shah Rukh Khan which was based on the video games where the protagonist of the game comes out of the virtual world to the real world and there is a duel between him and the superhero – G-One. The movie was a great hit. So people generally enjoy such movies. Keeping this in mind, the developers decided to design such a game. Many people would be quite happy to see the Bollywood superstar in action in the game.

While the game is still in wraps and may require some more time to be developed fully, developers are looking out for beta testers to remove bugs and glitches. In order to develop a successful game, these factors must be essentially kept in mind. They are searching for avid gamers, who can test the game, and provide feedbacks so that developers may make playing the game a better experience as many people are expecting a lot from this game. People interested to work as beta testers may mail their details to – donfbgame@gmail.com

Saswati C On December - 20 - 2011

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