Don 2 offers gaming options, all set to rock you!

Don 2 offers gaming options

Don 2 is a sequel of the movie Don, which was a remake of the 70’s movie by the same name. The original version starred the legend Amitabh bachchan and the remake starred the ‘king of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan. In Don 2, the movie reaches to new heights in terms of story line and special effects under the direction of the multi-talented Farhan Akhtar. The star cast consists of Priyanka Chopra and Kunal Kapoor apart from Shah Rukh Khan. It has a complete blend of all those aspects that you can expect from a Sha Rukh Khan movie. Action, drama, as well as melodrama and romance – all gel in very well. Kids might find it very entertaining since the movie involves glamour and attitude in action and conspiracy. Reliance Entertainment and Excel Entertainment have stolen the opportunity to present you an action packed, spicy movie this Christmas.

Promotion is an important aspect of any business and the movie makers are leaving no stone unturned to promote their movies. It all began with Hollywood movies like Kill Bill and Star Trek who promoted their movies with video games.  Now multiple gaming options are available in the name of these successful movies. Bollywood is not left far behind and movies like Krish and Robot did gather popularity from gaming. Promoting a movie via gaming options is the latest trend and successful marketing strategy and very obviously Don 2 will do the same to draw attention of the viewers. The production houses are spending fortunes to advertise- from giving Cartoon Network goodies to gaming. SRK’s  very recent movie “Ra.One” circulated the G.One models in  every popular eateries, like MacDonald’s.  Mango Games is developing, marketing and distributing the video game of the movie across Facebook , which will soon reach the screens. Hence in terms of advantage, gaming brings the aspects of the movie to the fore. Facebook is one of the safest portals to circulate a game and you can even invite friends to join you!

Movie game options are wrought with the heroes doing super human exploits. It is full of effects and gives you unique and exciting gaming experience. You have two options to choose from; either you can be a gangster and reach the levels up to find out solutions to the conspiracies or join Priyanka Chopra’s band of cops to fight against the evil forces. If you want to be Don you will get your revenge and escape as the famous dialogue runs that though the authorities of 11 continents are looking for Don, it is almost impossible to catch him! If you are part of the Cops team, you will have to follow orders of Priyanka Chopra and follow the accomplices of Don at any cost. Hence you can play the game from any of the perspectives, either a cop or a gangster.

To give you the vastness of the locale on which the game is set you are provided the world map and you play the game once in the island continent of Tokyo and again in other half of the globe, in California. In each location the gamer will have to cross 25 levels and then get to another location. Dark awesome and eerie pictures set the backdrop and will send a chill down your spine! The photographs of the armour, vehicles and localities are almost real and take you on a ride of excruciating fun. You can opt for virtual goods and take your game to a different level. Your weapons are of the most advanced type and you can collect it from the armoury and garage. You will have to diffuse bombs, sabotage plans and crack vaults – pretty challenging, isn’t it?

Saswati C On November - 29 - 2011

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