The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

In a day, almost everyone who are hooked up on the internet is on Facebook. What makes the stay more fun filled aside from chatting with friends and updating pictures are the games. When you would want to simply enjoy but sharpen your engagement with words, you would want to play the most popular Word Games. Well, there are just plenty of word games on Facebook that you may play for sure, but you would be one of those Facebook players who would crave for challenge, aren’t you? Or perhaps, you just want to have that ultimate fun. So check this out for a narrowed down list of the best word games to hit off on Facebook.


The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

On top of the list is the game of Scrabble according to the statistics from AppData, 1,017,004 hits have been made to the game page in the last thirty days. You could have missed the typical game of scrabble after a family dinner at home when you get to challenge your mom, dad and siblings. But since everyone is hooked up on the Internet especially Facebook, they would not have time to sit down to gather anymore. Instead, you could play the game on Facebook all together!



The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

Tired of unveiling the words in your daily newspapers’ crossword puzzles? You might just change your mind when you see it on Facebook. This is a crossword puzzle game where you can score high when you get to use the premium squares. It has reached 486,222 in metrics according to AppData.

Word Challenge

The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

With 466,375 people playing the game in the last seven days, this word game on Facebook has proved its worth in getting players into the game. With its cool animations and the large number of words you can get hooked up with, there is no question of how you may just enjoy the game. Try to get as much words from the 3-6 letter range that will be given to you to reach a high score among your friends.


The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

Are you game ready to make the most number of words in just three minutes? If so, you are scramble ready! Here, you get to have the chance to play with friends online and be challenged to create as many words as you can in a limited time. In the last 30 days, statistics say that it has reached over 265,000 in metrics.

Word Twist

The Best Word Games To Hit On Facebook

You would still want to flaunt your scores on Facebook in front of all your friends to show how good you are with twisting words. Word Twist is a very popular on this social networking site. You have the chance to jumble the letters to unlock the words hidden in it. The longer the word, the higher the score you’ll get. The highest in metrics it has gotten so far is 102, 386 according to AppData.


There are just many ways to have fun on Facebook and an easy way to sharpen expertise with words. Nowadays, people are already capable of multitasking. It has always been good to be online on Facebook where you can chat, get updated with what’s happening with friends and check out pictures while you are getting the hang of the best word games in it. From the many listed, for sure you would have wanted to know which ones are more engaging and worth playing. The choice is yours now as to which among the word games listed above could take you into the real challenge. Irrespective of the games that you finally choose to play, you would surely get addicted to the game in a very short time.


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