Virtual   ForestStory by Ibibo – The ‘Game Developer Platform’         

Virtual   ForestStory by Ibibo – The ‘Game Developer Platform’

In this twenty- first century, technology has made such advances that computer has become an object of daily use and it is an essential item for all. One of the main uses of the computer is the internet. Internet has brought the world into our drawing rooms. One is able to get all news from over the world because of this internet. Internet also helps to connect people from all over the world through the social networking sites. These social networking sites also include a very interesting feature that is games. Online games are a big draw for the people around the world. One of the successful companies which make online social games is ibibo.

Virtual  ForestStory by Ibibo – The ‘Game Developer Platform’

Ibibo has also launched a ‘game developer platform’ which is called the ibibo Open.  Ibibo has a daily user of 11.8 million people. It is the largest gaming platform of India. Ibibo developed famous games such as Teenpatti, Parking Wars, Mumbai World etc. , and now the latest entry to its list is ‘Forest Story’. It has become very famous in a very short period of time. Using the ‘ ibibo open’, few game developers have already launched their respective games such as Howzzat Cricket by Game Ventures of Singapore, Junkyard Mayhem by the Games2win , Kingnet’s Tower of Babel of Beijing,  China and Pet Story by the Plinga GmbH of Berlin, Germany and finally the Forest Story by the Perfect World Studios of China.

Virtual   ForestStory by Ibibo – The ‘Game Developer Platform’

Forest story is a game which is based on farming. It has taken some of its concepts from another famous social game, Farmville, which is developed by another online game developing company Zynga. It has becoming a popular game very quickly. Here the person playing the game or the gamer has to clear out areas which are covered by weeds and other wildplants. There are many oak trees and pine trees already present, so the gamer has to clear these areas by cutting down the plants by which he or she earns logs of wood, coins and XPs. The logs of wood can be used for constructing various buildings such as Workshop and storehouses which in turn has various other functions. The coins can be used for purchasing various items which are essential and needed in the farm. Various crops, trees, animals, decorative items for decorating the forest can be bought with it from the shop. The gamer can add neighbors by inviting their friends and together they can play a better game buy helping out each other in completing the various tasks and earn more points. More the number of neighbors for a gamer the better it is for him or her. There are options for visiting the forest of the neighbors and performing certain tasks in the neighbors’ farm too.

Virtual   ForestStory by Ibibo – The ‘Game Developer Platform’

There are enemies also in this game. The forest animals such as black bear, snake pose a threat to the forest owner aka the gamer. So, the gamer has to fight back and attack these animals in return for saving their forest. A single attack may not be always enough to kill the enemy, several frequent attacks may be required. For attacking and performing any task in the game, energy is required. If the gamer does not have energy, he or she will not be able to perform any task. Energy can be gained with time and food, which has to be bought for cash in the game. This is an additional way to boost up the profit of the company.

The avatar of the gamer in the game can be customized and a new and personalized look can be given to the avatar. The avatar can be given a name of the gamers’ choice so that the gamer feels as if he is present in the forest. This is the success story of the Forest Story.

Saswati C On October - 10 - 2011

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