Once or twice in a decade are some films made which are etched into the minds of the audience and such is its emotional value, it keeps the same audiences hooked year in and year out. Yes, we are talking about one such film called “Don” and even today what an iconic position it holds in every film goer’s mind. Moreover, the film was remade with modern day super stars dazzling the screen as well. And because of its good run in the box office, a sequel is being made with the story now being extended into a modern day situation. And no stone is being left un-turned while marketing for this film with a multiplayer Facebook game being released with the name “Don ” marking it.

“Don 2: The Chase Continues” And How It Is Running On Facebook

Basically, most of the companies are trying to market their product through Facebook as it is pretty harmless and good with results, usually. Even many films are releasing their own namesake games on Facebook just to keep the buzz alive. Most of these games are pretty interactive and help in realizing the basic feel to the movie itself. And most importantly, such games have even higher risks to blow up a movie and proper marketing is required for all games at once.

Such an online game is the Facebook version of the Don 2 game. A player has two options to choose from but everything he does is covert well. Basically he can work for Shah Rukh Khan who has been enlightened all the provider and still find out its solution. He is after all the modern day Don and it is his escape and revenge that the film is trying to capture. So a player has the option to wear Shah Rukh’s boots today, and play the role of the mastermind that the great don is!

Otherwise, if you want to be a good guy, then Priyanka Chopra’s cop force is all for you to join. It is then your duty to make sure that what exactly is she opting for is done in time, no matter how difficult it is. It is then your chore to follow Shah Rukh’s rogue group all day and spank their chunks likes. So, the decision is completely dependent on the individual playing the game and based on this the game proceeds further.

Overall, Don 2 seems to be a good prospect, and is already a big hit among most of the Facebook forms, and if the 1st step of this marketing strategy works, the obviously the film would do spectacularly as well.

Facebook link -> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Don-Fb-Game/278648818819178





Saswati C On October - 31 - 2011

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