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Bollywood has stretched its wings throughout the world now. Its fans and followers are spread throughout the world. This is because of the wonderful pieces of work produced by the directors along with the actors of the movie, but the major reason is the way the film is promoted. The committee that looks after the promotion of the film does half of the work for making the movie a box office hit. Every director and producer tries to promote its movie in a unique manner so that it stands out from the rest. Nowadays they have also started using the facility of internet for this purpose.

Ra-One game: an attribute to the publicity of film

Most of the high budget films are now launching some kind of mobile application or internet games based on its movie. Krish, robot etc. are some of such examples. Ra.One, an upcoming film of Shah Rukh Khan is also doing the same by launching an internet game named Ra.One.

Ra-One game: an attribute to the publicity of film

Here Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood, himself is playing the dual role of the actor and as well as the producer. He plays the role of a super hero and so the game is also based on him, as the super hero. This game is available in five different social networking sites, they are facebook, twitter, Android, iPads / iPhones, DTH and Nokia’s Ovistore. Beside Shah Rukh Khan, this movie also features Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor. The movie is expected to release during the diwali time this year.

The game is created by UTV India Games. The game revolves around G.One, the super-hero played by the King of Bollywood and his various adventures. The game will be available for free download in the last week of September or in the first week of October. If anyone is interested in further anymore micro-transactions for the game, then he has to buy it and the cost of which varies from rs.5 to rs.100.

The movie is about to release after three more months but various movie analysts have already declared it a super hit movie. This is encouraging more searches about the movie and as well as the game in the internet. More number of people are curious about it after reading the movie reviews given by the movie analysts.

Ra-One game: an attribute to the publicity of film

Mr.Vishal Gondal , the CEO of the UTV India Games have told that their main target is the masses with the enticing brand of Shah Rukh Khan. Mr.Gondal however insists that the storyline of the game will not be exactly similar or rather it is not borrowed from the movie. It is just the character that is same. It will be wrong to take the game as an extension of the movie. The adventures and the enemies that the superhero of the game will be playing are different from the movie. The dragons and the characters that he will be fighting are totally different. So, it can be said that the game is based on the character G.One but it has its own identity.

The CEO also informed that Shah Rukh Khan himself was also personally involved in the designing of the game. He insists that this will be an awesome gaming experience even for those people who do not know Shah Rukh Khan, and it will be a bonus for the people who know him. The actor himself is known to be engrossed in playing this game now.

The production house of Shah Rukh,The Red Chilies Entertainment is investing a handsome amount of $3-4 million ( Rs. 13-18 crore) for the online promotion of the film. It hopes to get a very good return and als expects to compete other social games that are already available, such as Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars.




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