Angry Anna: a game of protest

Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption might be easily rated as the biggest ever anti –government campaign in free India.  Thousands of people supported a single man, just reflecting upon the support that Anna got behind the voice that he raised against corruption in a country that has been suffering one jolt after the other for all the wrong reasons. Wikileaks rated numerous accounts of high profile politicians of India in the Swiss bank. Apart from the corruption as an agenda which has already become a part and parcel of this country’s government the sheer intolerance for the bill was something that was hard to digest.


Anna supported by some notable civil right activists did a great a job to bring the Jan Lokpal bill in the thick of things that aim to act as a watchdog in order to prevent corruption. Thousands of people showed their protest against the arrest of Mr. Anna Hazare, which subsequently forced the government to yield.

Angry Anna: a game of protest


Anna took the age old weapon of fast unto death to bring down the government to its knees which was later referred to as the best demonstration of the power of non-violence in the land of Gandhi. While the protest was on and Anna was arrested people across the nation showed their contempt and disgust. Angry Anna is one such method that was adopted by the game designers Geek Mentor Studios to show their support for Anna. The game was designed for those who were not able to come out physically in the rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, but wanted to show their support for Anna.


Consequently it should be noted that the game received immense hits since the day it was launched. Its popularity can be adjudged from the fact that the game received an astounding 46000 hits in the first 24 hours of its launch. Most of the gaming features would find an astonishing resemblance with the popular Angry Birds game. However the characters in the game have changed according to the situation. Actually the game is an imitation of the Angry Birds.

Angry Anna: a game of protest


Lets now focus on the features if the game. Anyone who is familiar to Angry Birds would find this game a cakewalk. Being an online game this was designed as a flash. The game has 4 levels. The motive of the game is to recover the black money stashed in the vaults of the ministers. The members of team Anna are hauled upon the catapult. This is similar to the birds that were thrown from the catapult at the pigs who had stolen their eggs in the Angry Birds game. There were a number of birds and similarly in the Angry Anna game there are a number of members in the team Anna. These members are thrown at the UPA ministers who vehemently opposed the Lokpal Bill. The target consisted of rocks and wood which sheltered the UPA ministers headed by our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. People who played the game said they enjoyed it even more since it actually gave them pleasure to show their disgust. It was sort of a protest from office.

Angry Anna: a game of protest

The game was developed by three people. It was from the house of Geek Mentor studios. One of the creators of the game, Mr. Himanshu Himthani said that Angry Anna was only a game that was not only created in good humor and jest but it aimed to act as a vent for the anger of the common public that was building up at the time of the arrest of Mr. Hazare. Eventually the words did sum up the outcome of the campaign. The anger of common public was a symbolic annotation of the campaign of Anna Hazare. Hence the Angry Anna game could have been easily framed as Angry India.


Saswati C On September - 21 - 2011

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