The “Sims Social” and how it has captured the Indian attention

The Sims has been the top player when it comes to social gaming for quite some time now. With its unique style of play, vast range of characters to choose from, option to customize your own arena and ultra realistic plot, it is no wonder that the game has reached cult status in most of the countries in the world and India is not an exception as well. Most Indian gamers have been loyal Sims fans since their childhood and can’t get enough of it even now! So, for them it was great news when EA launched “The Sims Social”, an online role playing game which is completely playable via Facebook, the social networking site! On top of that, this time all of the other characters in the game are your real friends in their online avatars. So let us see how it went down with its Indian fans.

The AAA Tag

First and foremost, this creative piece of work from EA comes with the “AAA” label which means it must be something special. For those who still don’t know what it is an “AAA” rating means much capital and hard work has gone into creating the game and it is no ordinary piece of graphic work that is involved. So, the AAA tag for the “Sims Social” has undoubtedly increased its charisma and appeal to its Indian fans as they are now inquisitive about the kind of work that has been put into it for getting that tag.

The “Sims Social” and how it has captured the Indian attention

The Facebook Connection

Without a doubt, Facebook is the biggest social networking site at this time and with over a million users from India alone, what better platform to launch a game right! EA’s decision to make the game an app for Facebook like Farmville and Mafia Wars and many other Zynga games was only a matter a time as this platform was still unexcavated by any major gaming company and EA did just that!

Real Friends in the Game

Now, for the inside the game scoop. Well, first and foremost the Sims Social is a great way to play on with your real life friends and that too in any way you want! For example, it gives you the option to befriend anyone if they wish to, make enemies with ones you always hated in real life or flirt with their gaming avatars before going into a relationship; you can do all that in the game! And this has really caught the attention of the Indian contingent in the Sims World.

The “Sims Social” and how it has captured the Indian attention

Customized Characters

Another great thing about the game is its ability to let all its users make their own customized characters so that they can create a virtual facade of their own world in the game itself. Or maybe someone can be that person they always wanted to be in real life, you never know.

The “Sims Social” and how it has captured the Indian attention


Few Disappointments

Some disappointments have also accompanied the game like the lack of some features like the ability to control the whole Sims family, power to kill off anyone and most notably the wacky advertisements that used to be super fun which are missing in the “Sims Social”.

The Indian gaming community was always looking for something in the lines of the multiplayer social arena and the “Sims Social” has been able to provide them with just that. Not only does it have a huge fan base now at this moment but the good thing is that it is constantly on the rise as word of mouth and wacky game play keeps on fascinating the crowd. There still is a bit of time left before the Sims craze in India can match up to that in the West but still the prospect looks brighter as each day passes.




Saswati C On September - 20 - 2011

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