How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

The Facebook games have caught the eye of everyone. The social gaming concept is not new. It has been quite a while since these games have hooked the youth to the Facebook.  Farmville is one of such games that have gained huge popularity. It is a social game that involves a lot many people every day. In Farmville the target of every gamer is to build the beehive and get the queen bee into it. Gamers find it easy to complete their beehive but it becomes rather difficult for them to get hold of a queen bee.

How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

It is a place where you just build your farm and look for ways to expand it. It demands more time than brain. You generally spend a lot of time while playing Farmville on your Facebook. Therefore you tend to find new ways of cutting short that time and expand your farm at the fastest pace possible. In order to do so you require some key elements at your farm. One of such key elements is a Queen bee.

Gifts and exchanges help you to grow your farm at a quicker pace. You can employ this similar strategy to get hold of the Queen bee. Once you find one of your friends is distributing the Queen bee for free you should respond implicitly.

What is the requirement to have a queen bee?

Beehive is rather a new concept that has been introduced by Zynga in its game. In order to sustain a beehive you must possess a Queen Bee. So if you are dreaming to build a bee colony, the most essential thing that you must possess is the queen bee.

What is the simplest way to get your queen bee?

There can be some simple methods that can be deployed by you to get hold of a queen bee. The simple method that everyone may employ is just “buy it”. If you have a balance credit of 10 you can buy a queen bee for your Farmville. But the real money is something that nobody would like to pay for a social gaming such as Farmville.

How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

So we look for other ways.

Once you are developing your farm you must look to sow seeds of flowering plants. It would help you to raise a garden good enough to attract bees. This is a hit and miss method but at the end of the day you would get your queen bee that is for sure.

How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

What to do if you have plenty of bees without their queen?

You can look to implement new strategies to get hold of your queen bee. It may so happen that you possess a hoard of bees but the one that really matters for your remains out of your stable.  Once you have built your beehive you can sow seeds of plants such as Tulip.  The pollinated tulip seeds can attract the Queen bee to your hive.  If you harvest and fertilize flowers at regular intervals then you are bound to get hold of your Queen bee. It is a faster method than to wait for things to happen.

How to get the Queen Bee in your Farmville

Use your flowers to good effect

When you find that your flowers are ready to be reaped you can use the flower bushel. The flower bushel is available in the market stalls. You should keep in mind that you do not share the last bushel. When you harvest the flowers you will find the stalls getting fuller. When it gets filled up you get your queen bee and it is simple.

These methods are some of the tried and tested ones that would help you to get hold of your queen bee right when you need it.

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