Over a seventy million users makes Facebook, with its unique range of cool applications, features and most of all-games, the top social networking site in the market. And when it comes to Facebook games, “Mafia Wars” is the undisputed champion there. What makes this game unique is that it not only entertains a player but also strengthens his skills to socialize and think out of the box. The game in itself is quite and easy to understand in the beginning but gets pretty intricate and complex as things proceed. Many people for this sole reason quit the game in the initial stages! Many scavenge the internet for tips and hints on how to master the game but very few are available there except cheats, which are not at all popular-why play at all if you are going to cheat anyway right? So for them, we at desigames.com have compiled some tips and tricks on how to move up the ladder among friends in Facebook Mafia Wars:-

Tips and tricks to move up the ladder among your friends in Facebook Mafia Wars



The basic idea of Mafia Wars is to form a clique comprising of your Facebook friends who are into the game and there’s this initial 501 member mark for each group crossing which enables the members of that group to access better vehicles and weapons. But very few Facebook friends of any player actually play the game and therefore forming the mafia can get difficult. What you can try is visit popular Mafia Wars fan pages and go to the recent threads and add people there and in many cases you also have to be a part of their mafias as well. Also, do make it a point to add players at higher levels into your group as that ensures higher bonuses, experience points and attack and defence. But do keep in mind that you actually have to make them your “friends” and all your personal information will be visible to them.


Tips and tricks to move up the ladder among your friends in Facebook Mafia Wars

Jobs, Money and Points

In Mafia Wars when a player gets updated a level, he receives bonus energy points which can be used to increase the attack or defence statistics or save for the future. So, basically the thing is to distribute the energy proportionally based on the style of the player, that is, spend more on attack if you are attack-minded and save the left over. But do spend some on defence as it helps to keep up your health. But the first and foremost thing for a beginner is to reach the initial 501 mafia limit as numbers matter a lot in the game and a bigger mafia always has an advantage even if in the same level. Also for earning money and assets, focus on properties that can’t be robbed in the initial stages and only buy bigger ones after you have earned enough to buy good weapons and have a big mafia. Otherwise rivals will plain rob you!

The actual Fight

It is inevitable that a mafia will pick a fight with you and you have to prepare yourself for it. Prepare your mafia members with the best possible weapons that you can buy with the money you have. But even if you lose don’t heal right away and build up stamina for the next fight in that time. Also, make it a point to keep your defence points on the higher side, even higher than attack ones, as that ensures your mafia repels attacks from stronger groups and earn experience points by damaging members of the rival mafia. You have to prepare yourself for the fight from the first day itself as hungry and savage mafias are always on the prowl and can attack anytime they want.


Tips and tricks to move up the ladder among your friends in Facebook Mafia Wars

Well, follow these tips and tricks and you will not only climb the ladder among your friends but master Facebook Mafia Wars.


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