GT Racing for your cell phone

GT Racing for your cell phone

GT Racing Motor Academy is a game for mobiles developed by the popular game developing company Gameloft. Gameloft has created many popular games for all types of platforms so that everyone can enjoy and this racing game too is available on almost ever smart and feature phone. The game isn’t typical arcade racing but a driving simulation one which means it will give you the real feel of driving even though the car moves on your screen.

GT Racing for your cell phone


  • The developers claim it to be the best driving simulation game you can get on mobile. Try it and you will agree.
  • More than 100 racing cars to choose from with all belonging to 24 different iconic car manufacturers. It also includes 21 cars that rule the GT universe, like the Audi R8.
  • Range of tracks to select from so you don’t feel like going round and round in circles.
  • An exciting career mode which will test your skills via driving tests and of course, the racing events.
  • Different game modes, like time trial, endurance or simply racing against other cars.
  • A brand new graphics engine along with dynamic weather setting to provide a very realistic experience.

Game play

GT Racing for your cell phone

You need to build a career but before you start; you need to clear the first hurdle. It consists of a few challenges where you would have to accelerate the car to its maximum speed and then you need to brake precisely to stop between lines provided. This is kind of a driving test which you need to pass before you get the license to race. Once you achieve this, you are free to travel around the world racing with your car and unlocking new levels on the way.


GT Racing for your cell phone

GT Racing has three different methods for controls: accelerometer, screen keys (kind of like Vector Tanks) and wheel. When you play the game for the first time, it will take some time to get used to it. The developers have made it close to reality and we all know driving in reality is not that easy, especially at high speeds. So, take your time to tune the car and controls before challenging in a race.


GT Racing has got one of the best graphics among racing games which will be a treat for your eyes. The car runs smoothly on the screen at a very high frame rate. There are 6 different views for driving to choose from, three inside and three outside so choose one that suits you the best. Once you finish the race, you can even replay it and analyze it, something most games on mobile lack. And for the cherry on the cake, if you did some awesome racing and want to share it with friends, you can upload the video on YouTube.


Overall, GT Racing has all the features that you would want in any racing game, packed with licensed cars, real racing cars, closer to reality controls and a well planned career mode to keep you excited for a long time. One must try this game in order to get the feel of real racing. You won’t be provided with the perfect car, you will have to make it perfect by tweaking it and that is the best part of this game.

Reviews from users

Although a few users have experienced difficulties in handling and have complained about it, the reviews overall have been excellent. Most users didn’t show concerns regarding control and have appreciated the tracks which look very real. They have loved the realistic racing experience the game provides and have voted it as one of the best, if not the best racing game on the market.

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