Games that you would love to play on phone

So you have a phone, downloaded a few games but they are not good enough for you? You are not alone; a lot of people go through the same before they find out about the cool games. But you don’t need to look any further for we are providing you with a list of cool games for your mobile which will improve your gaming experience.



This game is one of the most popular puzzle game loved by people all over the world. With this on your phone, you can enjoy for hours without getting bored. Get lost in the gems and shift them to gain points. Play either in normal mode and climb levels or test your speed in the timed mode.


Games that you would love to play on phone.

Enjoy the beautiful game on your mobile. You can choose to play in 10 different European leagues with players like Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo. You will be thrilled to play in the night mode and get your heart pumping in the penalty shootouts. If you’re looking for some rest then practice free kicks.

The Sims 3

Games that you would love to play on phone.

Yes, this favorite game of many is now on your mobile with features better than ever before. Join in to enjoy the surprises and mischief and choose whether you want to fulfill the destiny of your sims or not. You can customize your Sims personality and appearance and take them out into the neighborhood for this game has the new open world setup.

Need for speed shift

Spoilt for speed? This game is all you need. This game brings the adrenaline rush of Need for Speed games in your mobile. Just like what you played in PC, you will need to build a career in this game, win games to get money and use it for upgrading your car with nitro boost and improve its appearance. So gear up and hit the streets.

FIFA Manager 10


This is perfect if you’re looking for a new challenge. You have played the game but how about being a manager of a team? This will test your skills in strategy and decision making. Make sure to train your team properly and rotate your players. Get in the transfer market, get replacements and win the league.



Tertis is one of the oldest and most loved strategy puzzles. It started as a computer game and has occupied the space every where for its simplicity and popularity. Now it is available on mobile with loads of new effects and levels. You will find a lot of variants of this game but the one from EA gives you different modes for exciting gameplay.

Millionaire City


In this game you are the CEO and you have to plan and build houses, commercial complexes, skyscrapers and much more. You will have to make smart investments and take calculated risks to see your company grow.

Monopoly Here and Now


EA has brought the new edition of classic Monoploy game to your mobile with updated locations and twist in features to improve your experience of the game. There are loads of choices on layout and this game will test your business skills. In the multiplayer mode challenge your friends and see if you can get back home with all the cash.

Downtown Texas Hold’Em


This poker game from EA is much better than the others you will find. In this game you will learn how to sharpen your poker skills apart from just playing. It is like a career based game where you start from a small place and need to earn your way to play the best in the biggest casinos.

Now you are spoilt for choice but that’s a good thing. Hope you enjoy these games.

Saswati On October - 1 - 2011

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