Top 3 games from Zynga, dominating social networks

Gaming on social networking sites has seen an exponential rise in the last couple of years, especially on Facebook. The member base of social networking sites are always increasing and so are the games and other applications. One gaming company that stands out from the rest is Zynga. Their products have been loved in large numbers and the record breaking number of people playing their games is a testimony to that fact.

What keeps them going?

Zynga has kept on rolling out one great game after another and looks to carry on doing so in the coming years. They just don’t create a game and put it on the web; they do thorough research and make the game such that people can’t say no to them. Their products if released, have rarely failed to make an impression. Let’s look at the best games to have come out from the house of Zynga.


Top 3 games from Zynga, dominating social networks

Farmville has been clearly the best product and the most popular one from Zynga for a long time and undoubtedly the one of the best games on social networking websites. This game ruled the leader boards for a long time with more than 83million MAU (monthly active users) until Zynga’s own CityVille came in and started to dominate the charts. It still is one of the most popular games with 34.3 monthly users.

In this game, users are to manage their farm, plant trees, plough the land and fertilize them after buying the necessary items from the market. There is a limit on what you can buy depending on how much virtual cash you have. If you’re in a hurry, you can even pay Zynga real cast and you will be able to upgrade your farm faster and catch up with your friends. Your friends, called neighbors in the game and you work together in getting the farm bigger and better.


Top 3 games from Zynga, dominating social networks


CityVille was released in December 2010, a month after it was announced. It was Zynga’s biggest launch ever as the game quickly had 100,000 users on the first day itself. In absolutely no time it challenged FarmVille, Zynga’s most popular game back then and quickly crossed it with more than 100million monthly users. It was also the first time that a game had such number of users. Currently the game has about 78.4 million monthly active users.

The game is similar to Farmville and Sim City with the objective to build a city. In this game one has to do farming, construct buildings, buy plots and even put a property on rent and collect it. As the level increases, one can do more things and get access to better features.

Empires & Allies

Top 3 games from Zynga, dominating social networks

This is the newest addition to Zynga’s long list of gaming products and was released on 1st June 2011. It didn’t reach the same heights as that of CityVille on release but it reached a high of 53.2 million MAU in no time. It is currently the second most popular application on facebook after CityVille with 44.5million MAU.

This game is a little different from CityVille and FarmVille but as with every game by Zynga, you need to be in it with your friends to succeed. In this strategy game you need to defend your territory and with help of friends build an army to beat the enemy (Dark Alliance). You can even go against your friends and invade their empire.

The future

With more people becoming active on social networking websites and Zynga growing exponentially as a company, the game lovers are sure to get more games coming their way. This boom doesn’t seem to be cooling off in the near future for sure hence we can expect more masterpieces from the house of Zynga.

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