Top Java games for your mobile

Top Java games for your mobile

Java games have been here even before mobile phones started to become smarter and are still very popular with people. Java is now included in the basic models also for customers want to play something during their leisure time and Java games are what they look for. Java games for mobiles are a success for they take very less space and still give you the ultimate gaming experience. One more advantage is java can run on any phone by any mobile manufacturer provided java is supported.

Here are some of the best java based games for mobile to help you never get bored. Remember that some of these games may not run on your mobile and may have specific hardware requirements.

Asphalt 4 – Elite racing

Top Java games for your mobile

From Nintendo, this game is by far the best racing game at the moment on the mobile platform. There are 28 different cars to choose from, all of which are stunning in looks and performance. Along with it there are 8 cities that you can race in, all in 3D.

There are 6 modes which you can try and if you want to race against your friends, there is an option to play in multiplayer which supports up to 4 players. If this isn’t enough, you can also customize your car in the garage. This exciting game is sure to take your mobile gaming experience to a different level.

Need for speed SHIFT

Top Java games for your mobile

It will be hard to find a fan of racing who hasn’t played Need for Speed, the game that comes in different versions. Now the adrenaline rushing game is available at your fingertips, on you palm and in your mobile. It is sure to give you the same level of experience and fun that you have got used to over the years.

People who haven’t been a fan of racing too have liked this game for its stunning graphics and adrenaline rushing game play. Just like popular Need for Speed games, this game too is career based where you need to win games in order to earn cash for upgrading your car with nitro boost, neon lights or tweaking its aerodynamics. This game is sure to get your heart racing.

FIFA Manager 10

Top Java games for your mobile

Are you crazy about the beautiful game? You want the manager of the club you support to buy certain players, to try different formations or to prefer a player over other. It is now time for you to experience how difficult the job of a manager really is. Test your skills as a manager by setting up formations, strategies and training routines for your team.

If this doesn’t excite you then this game can be played online. Yes you heard it right; you can go and play with your team against a team managed by some other person. The person can be anyone from the world or a friend of yours. So go out there and test your skills and yes if you are lagging behind, don’t forget to splash some cash and bring in a new player.

Some other popular games

Top Java games for your mobile

Most of the games are usually based on sport. If you want something different, like you’re a fan of poker then there is Texas Hold’Em Poker, the perfect poker game for you. If you’re into strategy then Age of Empires III is available on mobile as well. It is not as vast as the PC version but the mobile version is pretty good too. Some other games you might be interested in are Iron Man 2, Moto GP 08, Hearts, 3D Billiards, Packman (remake of the classic pac-man), chess etc.

There are loads of java games for mobile to choose from but you will enjoy the most in which your interests lie.

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