A guide to flash games for Facebook

Flash has changed the way we surf on the Internet. It has become one of the most important aspects for any website. If we go visit a website, we will very likely find an introduction in flash or advertisements or some cool videos or just some things that works on flash. It has become successful due to its flexibility, ease of use and low demand on resources.

Where is flash on facebook?

You login to your facebook account every day and if you’re wondering where flash is then you need to look no further than application section. Almost all the games and applications on facebook run on flash and these flash games have a lot of fan following, so much that it has created a new social network gaming sector. Many companies like Zynga, Wooga, Playdom, PopCap Games have exploited this place and have become very successful in absolutely no time.

How to play Flash games for Facebook?

A guide to flash games for Facebook

To play flash games for facebook, you need to install the flash plug-in in your browser. Whichever browser you use, there will be a flash plug-in available and it is completely free of cost. To install, simply head to the adobe website and from there select downloads. Now you will get a “Get Adobe Flash Player” link (see above picture) which you need to click. After that follow the instructions, choose your operating system and browser if it asks you and click on download. Now run the downloaded file to complete installation after which you need to restart your browser and you’re ready to go.

Popular Games

There are thousands of games on facebook but not all are popular or of the same standard. There are even different variants of a game but only a few get million players. Let us look at some of the most popular flash games for facebook.


A guide to flash games for Facebook

CityVille is an exciting interactive game from the house of Zynga, the largest social gaming company. It became the most popular from the day it was released and since then it has been topping the charts. It has got a rating of 4.6 out of 5, which shows just how much the users love it. In this game you create your own city from scratch and build it just like you dreamt of. You will start by farming, selling your goods to different stores, collecting rent and as your revenue increases, you start to shape your dream city.


A guide to flash games for Facebook


FarmVille has been a craze among facebook users for a long time. Before CityVille was released, there seemed like only one game exists on Facebook and that was FarmVille. In this game you make your own farm. You start with a piece of land and a bit of cash which you use in buying crops and planting them. Once they are fully grown you sell them and expand your farm.

Texas HoldEm Poker

A guide to flash games for Facebook

Are you a poker fan? Then Texas HoldEm Poker is for you. Test your skills against people all over the world and get rich. You can even challenge your friends or help them when they’re in need.

Bejeweled Blitz

A guide to flash games for Facebook

It is the classic bejeweled puzzle game. If you’re a fan of puzzles and you haven’t tried it out yet, don’t wait, simply try it and fall in love with the most popular matching puzzle game of the world. Bejeweled has made available a special version just for facebook where the more of your friends play, the more fun it will get.

Now you know how much more fun you can have with flash games for facebook in your leisure time. Don’t wait, go and start playing.

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