Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

Apart from updating status, sharing photos and videos, sharing likes and chatting with friends; gaming on facebook has become a favorite pastime for many. This fact is backed by the millions of users who spend hours on playing games on facebook.

Many gaming companies like Zynga, Playdom, PopCap Games, Wooga etc. have invested a lot of money and explored this new space and have got excellent returns almost immediately. No one thought that social gaming could become a big industry that it is now. People of all ages love to play games and on facebook, everyone is able to do that.

The popularity of games on facebook changes every month depending on new releases and other factors. However, the top 10 usually has stability. In the top 10, there are 6 games from Zynga with top 4 places belonging to its products. It surely is the social gaming giant. Here is what the top 10 currently looks like based on MAU i.e. monthly active users.


Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

Launched in December 2011 after it was announced a month earlier, CityVille heads the pack with more than 78million MAU. This city building game where people do farming, construction and rent properties, has the record for being the only application to have crossed 100million mark in MAU, which means almost 1 of your 5 friends were playing this game at the time of release.

Empires & Allies

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10This is a new addition to the top 10 and was released on June 1st 2011. It gained momentum just after release and this role playing game has become a new favorite for people. The objective of this game is to protect your empire, beat Dark Alliance with help of friends and if in mood for mischief, attack your friend’s empire.


Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

This is one of the oldest games on Facebook and still has a large MAU of almost 35million. At the top of the table for a long time and people still love farming, building sheds, plow land, buying crops, fertilizing them and decorating the farm.

Texas HoldEm Poker

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

There are many poker games on facebook but if you see your friends talking about poker, then they are most likely talking about Zynga’s HoldEm poker. With 34 million MAU, it’s hard to see any other poker game catching up.

Gardens of Time

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

Developed by Playdom, Gardens of Time is 5th on the list with MAU of around 16million. That is less than half of Zynga’s HoldEm Poker. In this game the player needs to find hidden objects using the time machine. One will unravel the mysteries of a secret society along with protecting the world from evil forces.


Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

This game takes you the wilderness where you build a home and raise a family along with protecting everyone from the snakes, bears and other animals. You earn in gold on the way and use them to complete the levels.

Café World

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

Explore the chef in you and open up your own restaurant. Go on top of the culinary world by serving your guests with exotic food. There are loads of dishes you can cook along with trying your hand out on baking.

Monster Galaxy

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

This is another role playing game you need to play with help of your friends in order to fight monsters and collect them.

Bejeweled Blitz

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10

It is the classic game of Bejeweled which is by far the most popular puzzle game in the world. Get addicted to it in matter of minutes.

Diamond Dash

Trendsetting games on facebook: The top 10The top 10 ends with Diamond Dash, a 60 second game where you unleash diamonds by clicking on colorful gems and then compete with your friends.

Saswati On November - 1 - 2011

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