The Teenpatti Game-An Online Gambling

The Teenpatti Game-An Online Gambling

Teenpatti is a gambling card game which was originally started in India and then it became famous in the whole of South Asia. This game is also known as ‘Flash’. It is a type of 3-card poker game, the Indian version of the 3-card brag which is famous in the United Kingdom.

In today’s time, where the virtual world dominates our life and almost everything that we need is available in the internet, this game also took its entry here. The very first multi-player game “teenpatti” was brought by the gaming company named Junglee Games. As the game came online, it became easily available to a larger number of people around the world and more number of people became addicted to this game.

The Teenpatti Game-An Online Gambling



As every game follows a certain rule, this game is also played according to certain rules. There are two kinds of player in this game-

1)      Blind Player (who sees his card) 

If one is a player who is blind and the player who is before him is a seen player then he has a choice of betting either half of the ongoing stake or the present stake. But if the player prior to him is a seen player then he has to bet either the current stake or double of the current stake.

2)      Seen Player (who does not see his card)

If one is a seen player and the one who bet before him is also of that type then he can either bet the ongoing stake or the double of it. But if the one prior to him is blind, then he must bet either two times the ongoing stake or four times the ongoing stake.

The Teenpatti Game-An Online Gambling


The betting process

The betting proceeds in this manner until and unless any one of these happens:

  •  All the players other than one fold his or her card. In this situation, the last player who survives is the winner of the game and he wins the pot of money that was held as stake irrespective of what card was held and that player’s cards are hidden from the other players.
  • All the players other than two of them fold their cards and out of this two, one of them has to pay for the show on his turn. In this situation, the cards of the two players are revealed and the one with the better hand wins. If it happens that both the players have the same hand, then the player who opted for a show looses.

The Teenpatti Game-An Online Gambling

How and when to Show:

  •  A show occurs when all the players drop out, except two of them.
  • The bet is the ongoing stake that is placed by the player who bets first.
  • Then there are again separate rules for blind and seen player.
  • Here again the cards of both the players are shown and the one with the higher hand wins. If they have equal hand then the one who did not choose to pay for the show wins the money pot.

Side show (Compromise)

One can opt for compromise, only if the two consecutive players are playing seen. One is always free to accept or reject a sideshow request. One needs to have sufficient money which at least is equal to the current bet for doing this.

Returning of the money

If one falls short of money then he can either continue playing or fold. For continuing the game, one needs to arrange for more money in the pot.

These are the rules for playing games’ teenpatti game. So we see that gambling has also spread its wings in different parts of the world due to this games’ teenpatti game. This online game is thus playing a major role in making gambling famous throughout the world.


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