Facebook, the most popular social networking site today has got a host of games to entertain its users. All these games are easy to play and most importantly, they come free! Also, these games are very basic in the sense that they don’t have any back story attached and therefore its pure unadulterated game play that matters here. And these games also help spend your leisure time while making new friends And among all the popular games that are on the website, desigames.com has charted the five most popular Facebook games in India:-



Farmville is undoubtedly one of the top online games today. Since its arrival in the Facebook scene in 2009, this game, made by Zynga, have been a firm favourite with about 35,751,468 Facebook users. The task here is quite simple in the sense that the player has to raise his own farm and collect and grow crops, raise animals and even buildings to earn more points. Added here is the fact that users have neighbours, who are their Facebook friends playing the game and therefore can compete with their farms as well. Plus, the simple cartoon-like, Earthy feel to the game adds to its charm.


Five most popular Facebook games in India


Mafia Wars

If Farmville is all about keeping it simple and peaceful, Mafia Wars is all about mayhem and anarchy. This game, also created by Zynga, lets the player live the life of a underworld goon who starts of as a lowly thug on the streets of New York and gradually rises up the ladder and forms his own mafia, with fellow players from the user’s friend list being the other members. The task is to do illegal things, like steal, extort and ambush rival mafia groups to earn more points and upgrade to higher levels. Mafia Wars with its unique style is surely one of the top games today in India.

Five most popular Facebook games in India


Texas Hold ‘em Poker

We all have a gambling side within us which we try to hide for social and security reasons. But this game, created by Mark Pincus, has been letting 34,416,467 users explore that side to full effect here in the world of Facebook. The user can gamble all he likes and win virtual dollars in the form of chips on scoring winning. Chips are also available on using certain applications. But if one loses, he loses his chips but can win them back by doing some promotional work for Facebook. So Texas Hold ‘em Poker lets you gamble without worrying about your pocket.

Five most popular Facebook games in India


Cafe’ World

Another simple game which is doing great here in India is Cafe’ World. The game revolves around setting up your restaurant where you do all the decorations, cook your food, do the tables etc. On the basis of your performance you will gain customers in the form of your Facebook friends which will earn you more points. They can also compete with you with their own restaurants. New features are also constantly added like new decor, designs, tables, menu, etc to spice things up and that keeps the interest alive for most of the users.

Five most popular Facebook games in India



Cityville, another Zynga product, is a strategy game where the user has to carve out his own city by making buildings, halls, shops etc to earn money and points and compete with neighbouring cities of their friends. The game is a global leader with around 80,102,161 players! The game is quite simple and easy to play but can test the patience of a player as things can get pretty slow here. Normally, players have to wait a long time before going to the next level.

Five most popular Facebook games in India


These are the 5 most popular Facebook games here in India but some other like “Bejewelled Blitz”, “Plumet”, “It Girl” are also pretty famous as well.

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