India’s Hottest iPhone Games

Once get yourself equipped and happy with an iPhone with the best applications, it should include the best games too. It really doesn’t matter who plays which game but it’s still cool when you would also play what’s hot, what uplifts the spirits of people who plays them and how challenging they are. We get to narrow down our search of the most popular iPhone games as to checking which one’s hit off in India. India has never been laid back by what’s new and what’s best. Most of the time, it’s just good to check on what keeps their iPhone adrenalines from rushing. Games are a part of the life there is to get on iPhones so let’s take a peak as to what’s India has to say.

Touch Teen Patti

India’s Hottest iPhone Games

This has emerged to be one of India’s Most Popular iPhone games. Teen Patti in English is “Three Cards”. Similar to poker and just as what its name suggests, you get to play with three cards. You’ll get to enjoy the game best if you’re playing with 5 others but it is still fun even when there are only two players.

Snakes and Ladders

India’s Hottest iPhone Games

Years and years ago, the game of Snakes and Ladders has only been played as a board game. Now, it’s already a hit in India as it actually has been developed in the said country. There’s no need to really explain what it does. You simply get how much steps to take in order to reach the edge. It is indeed lucky for you if you get yourself through the snakes and up the ladders.

Vimanam Lite

India’s Hottest iPhone Games

Vimanam Lite is a board iPhone game. Like Snakes and Ladders, people have already enjoyed playing this game for ages and now, it’s on iPhone. For those who do not know, the term “Vimanam” simply means the tower of the temple or a plane. In this game, your main goal is to reach every single destination of the coins. If you reach them first, you win the game. You may actually play with someone else or just your phone as an opponent.


India’s Hottest iPhone Games


This game is not just popular in India but in other countries as well. iPhone allows you to play 3D games and so here goes one of the many of them yet one of the best. Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game; it can be addictive to create mechanisms to be able to get the game going so to reach the final destination. Experience how to direct lasers, even plasma and get to direct water for you to be able to toggle switches. You may also get to deactivate the so-called force-fields.

Taptap Revenge Classic

India’s Hottest iPhone Games

Looking for a rhythm game that’s a hit on iPhones in India? This could be the answer. Get into the perfect timing to tap the bottom of your iPhone screen while bubbles rise from beams of three different colors and eventually pop. The more bubbles popped, the higher will your scores get. It’s always perfect timing as you will also get a couple of points once you shake your iPhone either to the left, right, up or even down. This is when you get the right timing as the arrows get down the light beams.

With India’s updated way of coping with how technology runs, there is no question as to what hits off the chart when it comes to iPhone games. Aside from the fact that a couple of the best games are created in the said country, they too have the heart to appreciate and get to hit off with other games that get to tilt the popular iPhone.

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